Funding Will Help Boaters, Local Businesses

Just in time for the summer boating season, State Senator Patty Ritchie has announced she has secured $75,000 in state funding to be used for the dredging of the Sandy Pond Channel in Oswego County.

On Thursday, Senator Ritchie met with local leaders, community members, business owners and members of the Sandy Pond Channel Maintenance Association to make the announcement. 

“The Sandy Pond Channel Maintenance Association is so grateful to Senator Patty Ritchie for finding the funding to dredge the channel so our businesses can continue to thrive and so our area can still be enjoyed by recreational boaters.  We couldn’t have done it without her help,” said Cathleen Goodnough, Sandy Pond Channel Maintenance Association President. 

“A lot people in Central New York depend on Sandy Pond throughout the summer months for its recreational opportunities, as well as the jobs and economic boost it provides to local businesses,” said Senator Ritchie.

“I am thrilled to be able to provide this funding, which represents an effort to keep our boaters safe, as well as an investment in the local tourism and fishing industries.”

With the summer boating season quickly approaching, the Sandy Pond Channel Maintenance Association called on Senator Ritchie to help secure funding and also to support their request to make changes to an existing permit that would allow for mechanical dredging to be done. Thanks to Senator Ritchie’s efforts, the permit—which will allow for improved dredging, as well as excess sand to be used for dune restoration and beach nourishment—is expected to be issued as soon as next week.

Throughout the years the channel has been made nearly impassable for many boats, and made navigation hazardous for those that could traverse the channel.

Sandy Pond is the site of one of the only freshwater sand dunes in the Northeast, and also one of the most active sportsmen’s communities in the region.

Photos and more information about Sandy Pond channel and the dredging operation are available at the SPCMA’s website, http://spcma.homestead.com/.    

(Senator Ritchie is pictured with local leaders and members of the Sandy Pond Channel Maintenance Association at Thursday’s meeting in the above photo)