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Aerial View of Sandy Pond Channel
Summer 2002
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Dear Membership; Past Present and Future,
We wanted to update everyone on the status of the channel going into Lake Ontario from Sandy Pond.  We contracted Cranesville Aggregate to dredge our channel this year.  They arrived on July 24th and with the help of many volunteers, we set out 2200’ of 8 ½” piping.  They have a channel wide enough for safe passage. Some boats are able to go through the north side entrance, although it is narrow, and the sand shifts, it is passable.  NYS Parks and Recreation marked the South side channel on August 10th and will return to remark where the wind moved the buoys this past week. 
We have worked very hard for the past three years to do an annual maintenance on the channel.  With the constant shifting sands we have an opening that should last.  We have had high water this July & August and extreme high winds and currents that made the dredgers job difficult, but not that it couldn’t be done.
Many people have asked why we don’t have a break wall.  With the constant changing shoreline and moving sand a break wall is near impossible. It was researched years ago, before Port Ontario’s break wall went in.  The best we can do is the annual maintenance as needed to keep our channel open.  We have privately funded all dredging operations since our inception.  Please see the 2003-2006 Profit and Loss Statement of the Association.  As many members were discouraged with the previous work done on the channel, our membership diminished.  Cranesville Aggregate is available for annual maintenance.  We paid $19,000.00 for the dredging this year.  They covered all costs of Insurance, moving equipment, & fuel expenses.  Our association provided volunteers to help as needed to direct traffic and move piping.  Local Restaurants and Bars donated lunches for the operators.  It was amazing to see so much sand being moved and so much support in the local community to help out.
Our grass root organization was formed with fundraisers and membership. Any and all contributions were greatly appreciated and are still needed, for future annual maintenance.  Thank you for your patience and support of our association.

Thank you,

Cathy Goodnough, President SPCMA
Greg Breslin, Vice President
Lori Boland, Secretary
Chris Reed, Treasurer

Board of Directors:   Robert RezakJohn Shook Ray PickeringMargaret Kastler
         Dave Catania Ted ReiterMike Brennan

Annual Meetngs
May 2006
To View Channel Measurements Click Here
2008 Channel Measurements
May 30th and June 17, after the storm moved through the area North Side
South Side

BRD 6/1/08
Annual Mtg 6/1/08
BRD 6/2/08
Brd 9/11/08
Brd 5/3/09
7/14/08 Channel Measurements North & South Side
  2008 Profit and Loss Statement