Board Meeting
May 3, 2009
Sandy Creek Town Hall

Meeting called to order at  10:15 AM

Roll call of Officers: President____X_  Cathy Goodnough
      Vice Pres.____X_ Greg Breslin
      Secretary_____X_ Ted Reiter
Board Members   ____X___Bonnie Reid
  ____X___Bob Rezak
           ____X___Margaret Kastler
           ________Mike Brennan
           ____X___Ray Pickering
  ____X___John Shook
  ____X___ Pete Backus
  ____X___Dave Catania

Do we have a Quorum?         Yes  

Treasurers Report: Treasurer report read by Cathy Goodnough, motion made by Ray Pickering to accept Treasurers report as read; subject to audit. Motion seconded by Greg Breslin. NO discussion. Motion passed.   $20,706.03
+        36.00 Photo Sale
        +     100.00 2009 Membership
Total          $20,842.03

Membership Status to date:
2008      2007     2006      2005     2004     2003
Bronze 109        
Silver     62
Gold      39Dredged 06-07
Platinum 10
Other        4
Total     224          171      43       217         407      641

1.  Permit Status: Review letters received from the DEC and Corp of Engineers and Responses sent. 
2.  DEC Permit will need to be filed; they will need a copy of Insurance Liability from the Dredge contractor before issue of TRP permit. Need to contact Tom McCloud, for Piping Plover survey to be done 1 week before dredging.

Cranesvilles quote from last year on dredging. The association could lease the equipment for 32,000 for 2 weeks with a minimum 40 hours per week and we pay all expenses of fuel, pipe and dredge transportation, lodging for one operator and a volunteer to operate equipment.  We transport piping and dredge to work site, and bring back. Greg Breslin is checking into Maryland dredge for a Dredge to lease this year.

Waggoner’s dredging, I called and left a message 3/20/09 & 4/15/09, Ralph was to come and estimate the channel to dredge, only where needed.

Bills Against the Association: D&O Policy Due June 1,000.00

Old Business:  Status of Public Launch Ramp, Chris called from the fisheries coalition 4/23 and the money is still there, it isn’t a grant, it is a settlement fund that will be used for a public launch ramp on Sandy Pond.  The money can also be used for the purchase of the property.  There is still money set aside for a launch and we are awaiting a decision from the DEC as to the location of the ramp.

1.Settlement Payment Due in August $8350.00
2.Town of Sandy Creek allotted $10,000.00 for 2009
3.Corp of Engineers stipulations, GPS reading need to be in tabular chart form.  Greg Breslin to do the GPS readings needed.

New Business:

1.  Income Taxes to be filed for 2008 with Small Business Services- No charge   for Association, taxes are here for anyone to review.  The Attorney Generals office contacted us and we were to file a 500 CHAR form for a not for profit organization.  Small Business Services were contacted and Ted Reiter and Cathy Goodnough reviewed and signed forms.  There was a $60.00 charge for taking care of this.

2. Channel Measurement- Drawing- the North side is approximately 3’ deep but very narrow, the south side where it is marked is 4’-5’ through the channel, going into the lake is over 5’ everywhere out there.

3.Post Office Box rental went from 24.00 to 38.00 a year

4.Most local businesses called 4/30/09 when channel marked

5.NYS Parks and Recreation Marked channel, 4/30/09

6.Set date for Annual Meeting, Election of Officers and Re-election of Board Members, Sgt of Arms and Parliamentarian.  Date set for July 12th at the Sandy Creek Town Hall Location- temporary location is in Lacona past the Post Office in the Samaritan Health Center.  Meeting time is 10 AM on a Sunday 
7 Status of the South pond Association?  Needs Survey
8 To Letter send out to the membership – review rough draft, and make any changes.  Motion made by Ted Reiter to expense money for mail out, and seconded by Bonnie Reid.  Motion passed.

Closing Comments\Adjournment

President will entertain a motion to adjourn.

Motion made to adjourn by Bonnie Reid, seconded by Ray Pickering. Any discussion, all in favor, all opposed. Motion Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM