Hi Ralph,
As to our conversation last night.  The Board would like a little more information.  We meet again next Wednesday night and any info you can give us would be helpful.

1.  Estimated cost for normal operations 2-3 weeks?

2.  Estimated cost of one time delivery charge to Sandy Pond?

3.  Estimated cost of Insurance, Liability that you may have had on the machine while operation was under way?

4.  Length of the discharge hose that would come with the purchase?  Estimate cost of new piping if you have purchased any recently.  We need total or 2,000-2,500' total

5.  Amount down needed.  Our finances are as such, before a membership drive for this year.
Account       34,788.00
Town          15,000.00   Bill of Sale required to receive money
August 2010    8,300.00  Settlement of previous contractor

6.  Last time the dredge was in operation, and any maintenance that you can think of that was done by yourself?

7.  Approximate cost to get running, if the dredge doesn't run?  This is purely speculative as we understand nothing could be known until it hits the water.

8.  Approximate cost of replacement of Hydraulic Hoses? 

9.  Any maintenance needed on the cutter head, say if it hit concrete or cables?

10. Any kind of a operation instruction included, by chance.

Any help you may give us is greatly appreciated.  Thank you very much for your patence with our Association, we have worked all winter to get the Town of Sandy Creek's Supervisor to give us an answer.

Thank you,

Cathy Goodnough
SPCMA, President

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