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We have applied for a waiver to dredge earlier than July 15th…what can you do to help out!?
May 9, 2012

Dear Membership, Past, Present and future.
    The Association would like to give you an update on the status of the Sandy Pond Channel.  This spring the water levels are fairly low, due in part to the lack of run off; the lack of ice banks on Lake Ontario that contributed to the constant flow of sand into the Pond and we find that the channel has once again become hard to navigate safely.  NYS Parks and Recreation (Buoy Guys) were contacted March 18th , however, they could not make it out here until the end of April. There is NOT enough water in the Pond to mark the channel, however, the Lake is marked.  The Association was able to get out this spring March 13th, and saw the need to dredge earlier; we contacted the Town of Sandy Creek’s Town Supervisor Nancy Ridgeway to write a letter on behalf of the Association to plead for a variance to allow us to dredge earlier than our permit date which is July 15th.   The Corp of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife, DEC and the Department of the State were sent letters stressing the importance for us to start earlier.
     Our County Legislator, Margaret Kastler had contacted US Congressman Owens and NY Senator Patty Ritchie’s office.  Sen. Ritchie had received word from Town of Sandy Creek  Supervisor Nancy Ridgeway that SPCMA needs a waiver from all of the above agencies for this years permit to dredge.   Sen.Patty Ritchie’s assistant, Patty Holst in the Oswego Office is coordinating the effort.  When all agencies are onboard and the Piping Plover survey is complete we will begin!  
    The Town of Sandy Creek’s Highway Department has been contacted to come and do maintenance and prepare to dredge.  Due to high water and not having to dredge in 2011 the Association was able to purchase the piping needed for $23,458.97. We now have 1800’ of 10” discharge hose that we will not have to rent.  The Town of Sandy Creek has continued with their monetary support of $15,000.00 or Qualified Dredge Operators.
   We are asking for Volunteers to help set up the dredge; learn to operate the dredge; monitor the discharge hose (which will be on the Lake side 1000’ from the channel); direct boat traffic; work in the water (proper clothing required this time of year); collect food donations and deliver to workers; haul diesel; coordinate volunteers and make phone calls.
        To sign up & help keep your Channel open, please call 315-387-3513.
  We sincerely appreciate any and all donations from the users of the Channel. 

Board of Directors: Cathy Goodnough, Greg Breslin, Ted Reiter, Dave Catania, Margaret Kastler, Mike Brennan, John Shook, Bonnie Reid, Pete Backus, John Wooden & Harold Golden

Name: _____________________________________          _________$25 Bronze level Donor
Address:___________________________________            ________ $50 Silver level Donor
Phone:_____________________________________          _________$100 Gold Level Donor
e-mail:_____________________________________          _________Other Platinum

Donations/Checks can be made to:            SPCMA                       Sticker for Boats will be available for 2012!!
                                                                  P.O. Box 686
                Sandy Creek, NY  13145