Minutes of Annual Meeting
July 17, 2022
Sandy Pond Sportsman’s Association

Meeting called to order 10:02 AM

Roll call of Officers: President _X_Cathy Goodnough
Vice Pres._X_Tom Crosby
  Secretary _X_Bonnie ReidTreasurer____ Bonnie Reid
Board Members __X_Dave Catania
_____Roger Morrison
__X_ Margaret Kastler
_____Harold Golden
__X__Pete Backus
___X_Ralph Leber
__X__Deb Kelly

Do we have a Quorum? YES

Last fall SPCMA dredged the North side, removing 12,000 cubic yards of material and placing the spoils on private property. BDS Construction started 8/30 after the piping plover had left the barrier beaches and finished up 12/2/2021. The cost of the dredge project was $ 120,000.00.0 
Balance Due $ 120,000.00 
Paid from SPCMA account $ -27,000.00
Paid from NPR funds $ -6,608.00
Paid from Nature conservancy $- 7,000.00
Paid from South sandy pond channel $-10,000.00 Town of S.C.
Paid from 2022 Town of Sandy Creek $ -30,000.00
Paid from Town of Sandy Creek $-9,392.00
Paid from Town of Sandy Creek $ -20,000.00 
Paid from account SPCMA $ -3,500.00
Paid from Town of Ellisburg $ -5,000.00
Balance Due $ 1,500.00

Balance owed $ 1,500.00. We also have been requested funding from the Town of Ellisburg for many years due to the amount of people from Jefferson County ( north end of the pond ) that use the channel and this year we received $ 5,000.00 which was put towards paying our dredge bill. 
In the spring of 2022 we were supposed to dredge the south side but the permit modifications couldn’t get done in the time frame needed due to the amount of different locations for the sand. We had no choice but to get the permit modifications with the private land owners on the north – so we started dredging 3/11 and ended 4/12/22 on the north side and we removed 13,000 cubic yards of sand and placed the sand back on the barrier beaches. The north side had placement of sand right by the channel and that is where the bird sanctuary is roped off for the piping plover- it is a known fact that the piping plover love the dredge spoils. The bird sanctuary is roped off and there are NYS workers or volunteers out there to monitor the safety of the piping plovers. There were 4 on the north side. 

Read permit modifications Spring 2022 

After the NYS Marine Services removed the buoys last year we communicated with their office and received this letter from Chris Fallon, that has since retired. We tried several times to get a hold of someone in the office and on March 14th we sent a formal request for the placement of the buoys back into Sandy Pond Channel, we also enclosed all the permits for their review. 
We received a certified letter dated 4/25 from the Marine services. Sandy Pond was slated on the schedule for June 8th, they came into Sandy Pond and removed the buoys marking Greene Point Entrance to the marina, their response to why they pulled the buoys was they reviewed the nav. aids on Sandy Pond and we have decided to pull the private channel leading into Greene Point Marina, this is because of the fact that it is not in accordance with NYS and Coast Guard guidelines to make private channels on Federal waters. They also added danger buoys on the west side of the spar lines that run north and south along the island.  
SPCMA has been working with Assemblyman Will Barclay and Brittany at his office as to getting the navigational buoys back into Sandy Pond. Recently they were able to get them to come back out and mark the dangerous rock pile on the right hand side going out into the lake, but not without a lot of communication from Barclays office. The rock pile has been there since 1974. 
 We have relayed to the State that there is a state launch ramp on sandy pond, we have the first responders docked at Greene Point and they cover from Henderson to Mexico Point, The state owns both sides of the channel and is considered Sandy Island State Park Beach. The marine services even wanted SPCMA to mark the channel and sign a release of liability, we do not have the equipment to place the buoys- each buoy is over $ 800.00, we didn’t have the money and we didn’t have the anchors to secure them. SPCMA was not willing to take on the responsibility of marking the channel, when it really should be the State’s responsibility. We checked with an attorney and the only way we would take on marking the channel is if the State agreed to the saying “ We want you to defend and indemnify SPCMA” which basically makes the State liable anyways. 
We just received this email 7/15 from Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay’s office.

 The association filed paperwork with multiple offices last fall requesting funding for a 5 year dredge project to remove as much sand as possible from the channel. Our plan was to find a more permanent solution and remove as much sand as possible so that the NYS Marine Services would re-mark the channel. The channel would be dredged to 100’ wide and 6’ deep the entire length of the channel.
 BDS dredged this spring with no payment as we were working with Oswego County for funding our 5 year dredge project. We owe $ 130,000.00 to BDS for this springs work. 
We have received word a couple of weeks ago that we have been approved for $ 100,000.00 for the next 3 years and we will have to get 3 dredge quotes for each dredge project, spring and fall. This funding is coming from the Oswego County Office of Strategic initiatives. Dave Turner and Mike Yerdon our Oswego County Legislator were instrumental in the channel being awarded this funding. There will be a ceremony from the Oswego Office presenting the funds to SPCMA. Date to be announced. 
 We emailed the South side fall dredge project to 3 contractors : BDS Construction, Gorick Construction & Wagoner’s Dredging to have them review the locations of the sand disposal and quote the dredge project. We have had to let them know we might not be able to dredge the south this fall and as soon we find out where we can place the spoils on the north side, we will email them the information for an estimate. We have 36 locations to place sand on the south side. 
  If we comply with the terms for the 3 year period, we are eligible for $ 100,000.00 for the next 2 years. Tom Hart of Hart Environmental has been working with us and making the modifications to our permits. He submitted a bill which SPCMA received funding from the Town of Sandy Creek.

The NYS Parks has to review the placement of sand as it is over 2.5 acres, and we will probably not get the permit this year for the south side. Another of their concerns is the hairy tiger beetle habitat. The DEC prefers we dredge the south side in the fall, and we thought we had allowed enough time for the SEQR review and the modifications to be done, but we spoke with Nancy Stoner at the NYS Parks office this week and we are looking at another 30 to 60 days before they will have the modifications reviewed and approved. If the south side is not able to be dredged this fall, we will have to dredge the north side again. Oswego County has funded the 5 year dredge project with the intent to dredge the north and south alternating spring and fall.

Read Professional services provided for 5 year plan. 

A modification of the DEC permit and Corps permit will need to be done.
We will need a permit to cross NYS property, with the number of vehicles, and length of time projected.
We will need to up the cubic yardage of material on our permit to accommodate the removal of sand for a 100’ 6’ deep channel
Sand placement needs to be above the ordinary high water mark,

North Sandy Pond accumulated sediment at the rate of approximately 52,000 cubic yards per year. We will be asking to remove more sand per year.  

 Sandy Pond is still being considered for a marine sanctuary there are only 12 in the USA 
1.Great Lake Piping plover recovery planning in the eastern great lakes basin
2.Dune Restoration to protect eastern Lake Ontario wetlands
3.SIB Protection, monitoring, and habitat enhancement for piping plovers
4.CLEAR ( Coastal Lakeshore Economy and Resiliency Initiative) CNYCLEAR.COM 
It’s a committee started to research resiliency against high/low water events. One of the main topics is the Sandy Pond Channel

5.There is a shoreline resiliency study in affect covering over 17’ miles of beach. Study was done with grant money by Tom Hart. 

  Sandy Pond is also not a safe harbor, and Claudia Tenney’s office is looking into what that would in tale, as it takes an act of congress. Mike Yerdon Oswego County Legislator is also checking into a Safe Harbor. If the channel ever became a safe harbor then the Army Corps of Engineers would be responsible for maintaining the channel. 

Membership Status20032004 20052006 2007
641407 217 43 171

2008 2009 20102011 2012
  152 90 159 82 182

  2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
157 69 102 49 89
20182019 2020 2021 2022
 102 91 119 154 92

Membership in Attendance: 

Ron Fisher, Mark Sammut, Yvonne Jordan, Sue Young, Rich Young, Joe & Mary Sienko

As of 7/15/2022 Rolf Wagoner is not interested in purchasing the dredge back, as he has first right of refusal, so the association can make a decision to sell dredge or keep. We have not used this method of dredging since 2010, because it takes so many volunteers to set up and is extremely time consuming and loud. At the time of purchase this was the only method of dredging that was permitted. Over the years the permits have been changed to incorporate mechanical dredging. 

We previously had voted to hold on to the IMS 4010 dredge one more year.
In the fall of 2018 Rolf Wagoner borrowed 12 pipe clamps and male coupler’s he offered to buy them, review costs of couplers and clamps. He will return our equipment as soon as we call. We have $ 84,070.00 invested in the piping and dredge. Previously voted to sell the dredge for $70,000.00 or best Offer, the new owners will be responsible for removing the piping at the beach and hauling all equipment away. The association owns 1,600 feet of piping. The pipe is 10” hdpe heavy duty pipe and 40’ long. We have some smaller sections also. 
 Vote to sell onto dredge and piping? Motion made by Tom Crosby 2nd by Dave Catania, all in favor, yes. Motion passed

Treasurer’s Report read by Cathy Goodnough, motion to accept the report as read. 1st Tom Crosby 2nd Dave Catania, all in favor, yes motion passed. 2021 P & L Statements

Bills against the Association: 

Greene Point Website fees from 11/11/2020 to 11/11/22 GPM paid 527.99 ½ SPCMA  
Total $ 264.00

 BDS Construction $ 130,000.00

The Association now has $ 7,955.39

We will be asking for $30,000.00 from the Town of Sandy Creek budget fiscal year 2023.

We have received $ 9,170.00 since our letter to the membership went out in June– 
Thank you all. 

Corporate taxes are here for your review: also corporate book and checkbook are open for any inspection.
Our taxes have once again been done by Small Business Services at no charge. Thank you to Tom Baxter for continuing to support us.

Estimated Expenses for next year:
1.Mass Mail out
2.Post Office box renewal
3.Liability Insurance, D & O, Physical Insurance


Chicken BBQ Today at Noon until gone – Brian Wallis has been cooking chicken for our lunch, served with baked beans & salt potatoes. Dinners $ 12.00 and just ½ chicken is $ 8.00. Thank you all for your help and time volunteering, Deb Kelly and Laura Washburn & Brian Wallis, Mary Beth and Mike Garland & Wyatt Guile. A huge thank you to the Sand Bar for the to go Containers, and the Pond Pit for the to go silverware, Greene Point for the cooker and to go containers. 
Total of Fundraiser $ 1,517.15 profit

Jug donations: Greene Point has a change jug- over the years $ 1,200 has been collected in change

Go fund me page: Information on forming a Go fund me page- Thank you Gwen Shill for checking into this for a fundraiser – read the information on charges. ‘Vote to do Go Fund me page 1st Tom Crosby, 2nd by Deb Kelly all in favor? Motion passed  
We have a call into Chris Keevil for business cards to pass out for this go fund me page, we are also working on the scan code to add to business card for venmo.

 Can pick up at Greene Point Total collected since 2003 $18,346.40- that’s 366,928 CANS. Guiles and Son’s Redemption Center takes care of all the cans. This can drive has really picked up since our letter went out to the Membership. You can drop your cans off there or we have a CAN boat that gets filled up with bags at Greene Point Marina. 
Margaret Kastler will be checking into the Oswego County fair for a display in their tourism booth for August 18th through the 21st.

Thank you for all your donations. 

Permit Status: 

Drone permit filed in 2021 to fly a drone over State park land to take photo’s 

DEC Permits approved through May 21, 2023 with a minimal of 30 day advanced notice- A entire new permit must be filed

Corp of Engineers Status: 5 year permit received good through April 23, 2028 this is our final extension of our permit. 

NYS Parks- permit will be filed with location of sand placement

Is there is anyone interested in taking over the President’s position ?– next year will be my 20th year & I will be resigning as president- the ground work has been set for the funding for dredging, and Hart Environmental is working on the many permit modifications. I will be happy to help the next President and answer any questions.  
This organization is a 501C3 and can only be dissolved by gifting its assets to another 501C3 association. 

Ruth Siver nominated Tom Crosby to be President next year and Cathleen Goodnough to be Vice President. 

Election\ Re-election of Officers: 

President: Cathleen Goodnough
Vice Pres: Tom Crosby
Secretary: Bonnie Reid
Treasurer: Bonnie Reid

Board of Directors:Margaret Kastler, Pete Backus, Bonnie Reid, Roger Morrison, Harold Golden and Dave Catania, Ralph Leber, Deb Kelly

Motion made by Tom Crosby to re-elect/ elect officers and board members as read. 2nd Deb Kelly, all in favor, 
 Motion passed.

Appoint Sergeant of Arms by President: New President to appoint. Tom Crosby is the preceding Sergeant of Arms –President appoints Tom Crosby

Appoint Parliamentarian: New President to appoint Parliamentarian. Tom Crosby is the preceding Parliamentarian –President appoints Tom Crosby

Thank you all for your interest in our channel. We have a wonderful area to enjoy and share with other visitors –Let’s work to keep our dunes and barrier beach intact and the channel where it is now. Please pass along any information shared today to anyone and everyone. 

President made motion to adjourn meeting
2nd Tom Crosby, all in favor. Motion passed 
Meeting adjourned at 11:15 PM