Minutes of Annual Meeting
August 1, 2021
Sandy Pond Sportsman’s Association

Meeting called to order 10:02 AM

Roll call of Officers: President _X_Cathy Goodnough
Vice Pres._X_Tom Crosby
  Secretary _X_Bonnie ReidTreasurer____ Bonnie Reid
Board Members __X_Dave Catania
_____Roger Morrison
____ Margaret Kastler
___X_Harold Golden
__X_ Pete Backus
_____Ralph Leber

Do we have a Quorum? yes

Last fall the State’s REDI program dredged under the SPCMA permit, this project didn’t hold up over the winter months. We had several meetings with the Engineers and Project manager, but we were unable to pull the south side back without filing a DEC piping plover habitat take permit. This permit would allow us to dredge below their set 245’ sub straight that is put on our permit
We were initially going to dredge farther out into Lake Ontario last fall, but the State’s dredge project maxed out our cubic yardage for removal of sand. They had started out with a total cubic yard of material to remove as 3,000 cubic yards and we were in constant contact with them to change the amount of sand removed. They removed 11,300 cubic yards of sand. We have requested the total cost of the dredge project, but we are unable to convey to the membership how much that project cost. The budget proposed to us was 25.00 per cubic yards of sand removed. The State has expensed over 960,000.00 not verified between the NPR Project and the channel dredge project last fall. We only have the estimated budget for expenses. Of these expenses the engineers and consulting teams were also paid. The NPR project last year held up great, and the removal of sand between the channel and the shoal on the north side has remained deep. SPCMA collected $ 6,608.00 last year for this project and turned the money over to the town of Sandy Creek. The North Pond Resiliency Group dredged into the shoal and was able to rebuild the barrier dunes to the north. The beach grass was planted by volunteers from the Dune coalition. This project was part of the State’s REDI program. Brian Wallis of BDS Construction was the contractor. On a meeting June 2nd the Dune coalition stated they have planted 25,000 stem and 820’ of sand on the north side.  

Survey results from Ramboli- Their goal was 40’ wide and 4’ deep
In the spring of this year we were able to get out to the channel and contacted the agencies for the need to dredge as the State’s project had not held up. Ice out was 3/25 and they were contacted on 3/31. We were also informed that the State’s land was not capable of holding any sand this spring, so we had to quickly contact private land owners on the North side and receive a permission to inspect form and a release of liabililty for SPCMA to be on their property. SPCMA has never put sand on private property, always State land. We worked closely with Tom Hart who has over 30 years of experience monitoring this shoreline and he was able to help modify our permit with the Army Corps of Engineers and the DEC. Tom helped the Town of Sandy Creek to receive the dredging permit for the removal of up to 30,000 cubic yards of sand for the NPR project. 
We were finally able to start on April 20th and ended 4/24 after we received notification of the return of the piping plover. This bird is State and Federally protected. The piping plover returned during very high winds, a snow storm and while we were dredging. The piping plover fact sheet sent out by the National Audubon doesn’t relay this information correctly. Once notification was received that the piping plover had returned as per our permit all dredging had to stop. With the water levels around 244.50 in April, we saw the need to request help from our Town Supervisor Nancy Ridgeway, Oswego County Legislator Mike Yerdon, Senator Patty Ritchie, Assemblyman Will Barclay and Congresswoman Claudia Tenney. We tried to receive a variance to dredge the outside sand bar in the Lake, so we could have safe passage for the summer recreational season. After many phone calls with all the agencies we were still denied a variance. One of our main priority was public safety and 2nd was economic impact to this entire area. The first proposal to the agencies was to finish the outside sand bar on the lake, with our equipment in economy mode and run the equipment in 1 to 2’ of water (which we asked if the plover went into the water- it does not. We would hire a biologist to monitor the disposal site, some 4000 ‘away from the spit. We were denied. We asked where is the DEC study that shows the decimal of sound that harasses the piping plover
(Adverse effects) of the piping plover. There is none. We told the agencies that the Sandy Creek Rescue Dive team which covers from Henderson to Mexico that there rescue boat would have trouble getting out in any kind of wave action over that outer sand bar, also We stated that boats getting stuck are making more noise than our dredge equipment would. We asked who was liable for any accidents in the channel. We asked if the plover have 4 eggs do the birds stay close to home and not venture far? We suggested dredging at night with lights on the equipment. We wanted 4-5 days of dredging. The question comes up at what point is the piping plover more important that public safety. Response was it’s the law- this is an endangered species. There is no list of adverse effects of the piping plover that we have found. Congresswoman Tenney has been writing letters to the US Fish and Wildlife and the DEC and has many meetings with them. We were unable to change anything this year. We have had many conference calls with all agencies. There were also many articles written about the Channel and the piping plover. There were several federally funded projects this year that required lower water levels to be finished. We also asked Claudia Tenney’s office to reach out to the IJC to deviate from the Plan 2014 to raise the water levels. All of the Great Lakes were at high levels and they all come into Lake Ontario. The IJC has kept the water levels around 244’ to 245 since last fall. 

As it stands today we have a dredge plan this fall: 
1. The NYS Parks will contact us the minute the piping plover leaves and we will have to wait a week after that.  
2.The equipment will mobilize from the north side and work out in the lake side by the rock pile
3.The area of disposal will be the Henneberger/Blount property
4.Approximately 8000 cubic yards of material to be dredged
5.A new commencement form will be filed with the Corps of Engineers 
6.We have asked the NYS historic preservation to put snow/sand fence on the south side to help stop the sand from filling in the channel on the south side. 
7.I beams will be installed this fall by the Parks office and Brian Wallis on the north and south side to be used as a bench marks for future dredge projects. This was requested by the permitting agencies.

Eastern Lake Ontario Sand Transport Study 2002 states “If sand must be dredged, return it to the beach face or the beach berm, preferably at the up current end of long shore drift such as on the south end of Sandy Island Beach and north of the Salmon river jetties. Sand dredge from the North Pond Inlet would be placed on the beach south of the inlet to take advantage of long shore drift and the ease of access to that location.”
North Sandy Pond accumulated sediment at the rate of approximately 52,000 cubic yards per year.
There are many things going on around here that people may not be aware of Sandy Pond is marked for
1.Great Lake Piping plover recovery planning in the eastern great lakes basin
2.Dune Restoration to protect eastern Lake Ontario wetlands
3.SIB Protection, monitoring, and habitat enhancement for piping plovers
4.CLEAR ( Coastal Lakeshore Economy and Resiliency Initiative) CNYCLEAR.COM
5.There is a shoreline resiliency study in affect covering over 17’ miles of beach. Study was done with grant money by Tom Hart. 
It’s a committee started to research resiliency against high/low water events. One of the main topics is the Sandy Pond Channel

We contacted the NYS Parks and Rec early this spring; they said we were slated for end of June. After the many calls with the agencies after we had to stop dredging, the NY Marine services of Albany, came and pulled all the buoys that were still out there from the previous year. We contacted Assemblyman Barclay’s office and we were informed that the buoys will not be placed at the Sandy Pond Channel until a permanent solution can be found.  
They will still mark the rock piles and danger spots around the pond.

We formulated a letter approved by the Town of Sandy Creek and Congresswomen Tenney’s office to be sent out to our people around the pond and we have had several people collect sheets and return them to us. Toni Canestrare started a change.org page and we have received over 1600 signed sheets that we will be sending to NY Marine Services of Albany along with a letter of support from the Town of Sandy Creek & Oswego County Legislators office. Our hope is that once the channel has a plan that is approved by the State officials and the agencies, we will be able to get the buoys back in place marking a channel. Last week a dredge plan was reviewed by all the permitting agencies and we will be working on the permit to dredge in the spring.
In 1989 the Army Corps of Engineers recommended 2 options back then when the sand study was done for the break wall at port Ontario. 
1.Protected entrance: this plan would involve dredging a new entrance channel through the south spit south of the existing inlet and stabilizing this channel with breakwaters, this plan would call for construction of two rubblemound breakwater ( a 1,100 foot southern breakwater and a 700 foot northern one and dredging of the new entrance channel to 8’ below low water depth. 
2.Dredge channel. This alternative would provide a 100 foot wide and six foot deep dredged channel through the existing inlet. The dredge sand would be pumped down drift and placed at the lakeside base of the sand dunes on the barrier spit. No structures or breakwaters would be constructed.

At that date the second alternative was being considered by the Corps for implementation. According to their suggestion Maintenance of this 6’ deep channel, should it be dredged, would be required at frequent intervals (possibly monthly during the boating season) due to the dynamic nature of the inlet and fluctuating lake levels. In 1986 cost for the project were estimated at $ 279,000.00 for the initial work (initial dredging, first year maintenance and installation of buoys) and $ 233,000.00 annually for maintenance. 

There are many agencies involved that are against a Break wall at the channel and with the constant changing sand structure; it would be very difficult and expensive to even have one installed. Sandy Pond is also not a safe harbor, and Claudia Tenney’s office is looking into what that would in tale, as it takes an act of congress.  

Previous Dredging projects and the dates we could get out there:

4/14/2016 no dredging membership drive $ 6,105.00

4/3/2017 Flood no dredging membership drive $ 4,500.00

3/26/2018 Dredged cost $53, 931.00 w/ the town of SC $20,000.00- membership $ 5,958.00

4/6/2019 Flood dredged in fall cost $ 50,083.00 w/Town of SC $20,000 membership $ 5,870.00

3/18/2020 Redi project membership $ 10,015.00

3/25/2021 dredged 4 days 

Spring dredge plan discussed last week with the permitting agencies:
Dredge before the April 1st deadline- knowing we could be dredging blindly we would follow the channel around the south side and out into the lake.  
We have to file a sand placement proposal 30 days out to the DEC- if we can send in our permit modification this fall we have a good chance of receiving it.
At this time the NYS Parks can only accommodate 7- 10 loads of sand. The home owners along the southern side on west shore drive have suffered major erosion from the floods of 2017 & 2019. Their sand dunes have diminished and ultimately have ended up in the channel. Although we have never put sand on private property before, this is really our only option. The sand would be placed on private property- starting down at Bogart’s property. We cannot take sand to sandy island beach state park as we would have to cross a tiger beetle habitat. We may encounter problems with this for the south side project. Each land owner would have to sign a permission to inspect form for the DEC and Sign a release of liability for SPCMA being on their property. Although some may not agree with placing sand on private property to the north or the south, in the long term this is rebuilding the barrier dunes that protect all of Sandy Pond.
A modification of the DEC permit and Corps permit will need to be done.
We will need to file a piping plover habitat take permit – which may or may not be approved by the agencies 
We will need a permit to cross NYS property, with the number of vehicles, and length of time projected.
We will need to up the cubic yardage of material on our permit to accommodate the removal of sand for a 100’ 6’ deep channel
Sand placement needs to be above the ordinary high water mark, 
 The agencies do not want a steep drop off on the south side and suggested dredging the south side in the fall. This may not work this year as we are on the north side. 
We have asked for help with funding for this project from the Town, County, State and Federal levels. Our Town and County will be willing to aide in services in kind. ( Trucks, loaders etc.) We have also suggested removing part of the shoal in straighter line with hydraulic dredging and place the sand on the Hornebeck property ( the little gray camp on the north), this is marked as DEC wetlands. The agencies wanted us to consider hydraulic dredging and pump the sand to the south side private properties, this would require many booster pumps and piping and is not feasible. The farthest our equipment can pump is 1800’ and the dredging is slow and tedious and takes almost an army to set up with the piping 40’ and 10” wide. West Shore Drive Private Land owners interested in sand placement – We have a file started on the West Shore drive. There is a plan for placement of the sand that has been reviewed by Tom Hart. Dredge every year alternating sand placement north and south. Sand placement – starting the farthest away from the channel. Dredge every year for maintenance of the 100’ 6’ deep- this is where we need to get the financial help.
We also had the opportunity to speak with Assemblyman Will Barclay and Brian Manktelow, LTC Adams from the Army Corps on a site visit last week, which discussion were about the channel – which plan 1958D or 2014 caused more flooding- they had been touring areas along the lake – possible solutions to the channel

Research funding:
1.National Audubon society for enhancement of the piping plover habitat
2.Oswego County soil and water
3.Eco system- Army Corps of engineers ( aquatic ecosystem restoration)
4.Save our Sodus 47 billion for resiliency
5.State and Federal

Membership Status20032004 20052006 2007
641407 217 43 171

2008 2009 20102011 2012
  152 90 159 82 182

  2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
157 69 102 49 89
20182019 2020 2021
 102 91 92 99

Membership in Attendance: some spelling may be incorrect:
 Denise & Don Schneider, Tom Carter, Tom Streiner, Ron Fisher, Laura & Don Edick, Rich Gannon, Matt Calverase, Jason Steele, Kate Bulluck, Tom Crosby, Jeannine & John Fraser, Valerie Parsons, Jon Mackle, Gordon & Marjorie Roberts, Bob Martue, Joseph Clarkin Mike Fleszar, Malmendier, Bruce & Susan Petrie, Joe & Jue Wanas, Ed Harvard, Steve & Lisa Staubly, Gary & Linda Raiti, Toni & Lou Canestrare, Dave Catania, Deb Kelly, Pete Backus, Karen & David Korycinski, Chuck Schneider, David Tackman, Angel & Joe Todisco, Kipp Zahler, Mel & Bonnie Reid, Sheri & Paul Flanigan

We previously had voted to hold on to the IMS 4010 dredge one more year.
In the fall of 2018 Rolf Wagoner borrowed 12 pipe clamps and male coupler’s he offered to buy them, review costs of couplers and clamps. He will return our equipment as soon as we call. We have $ 84,070.00 invested in the piping and dredge. Previously voted to sell the dredge for $70,000.00 or best Offer, the new owners will be responsible for removing the piping at the beach and hauling all equipment away. Vote to hold onto dredge and piping? Motion made by Tom Crosby 2nd by Dave Catania, all in favor, yes. Motion passed

Treasurer’s Report read by Cathy Goodnough, motion to accept the report as read. 1st Dave Catania 2nd Tom Crosby, all in favor, yes motion passed. 2020 P & L Statements

The Association now has $ 23,696.45

The Town of Sandy Creek has $20,000.00, set aside in the budget for this year.  
We have received $ 5,515.00 since our letter to the membership – 
Thank you all. 

Corporate taxes are here for your review: also corporate book and checkbook are open for any inspection.
Our taxes have once again been done by Small Business Services at no charge. Thank you to Tom Baxter for continuing to support us.

Estimated Expenses for next year:

1.Mass Mail out
2.Post Office box renewal
3.Liability Insurance, D & O, Physical Insurance

Fundraisers; Can pick up at Greene Point Total collected since 2003 $16,711.05- that’s 334,221 CANS. Guiles and Son’s Redemption Center takes care of all the cans. This can drive has really picked up since our letter went out to the Membership. You can drop your cans off there or we have a CAN boat that gets filled up with bags at Greene Point Marina. 

Thank you for all your donations. 

Permit Status: 

Town of Sandy Creek Contract not done this year- this is only done when we contract with them for dredging.

DEC Permits approved through May 21, 2023 with a minimal of 30 day advanced notice- the agencies are willing to work with us when we do a spring dredge project

Corp of Engineers Status: 5 year permit received good through April 23,2028 this is our final extension of our permit. 

NYS Parks- permit will be filed with location of sand placement

Is there is anyone interested in taking over the President’s position or becoming a board member? No for the President’s position and Deb Kelly is interested in becoming a board member.

Election\ Re-election of Officers: 

President: Cathleen Goodnough
Vice Pres: Tom Crosby
Secretary: Bonnie Reid
Treasurer: Bonnie Reid

Board of Directors:Margaret Kastler, Pete Backus, Bonnie Reid, Roger Morrison, Harold Golden and Dave Catania, Ralph Leber, Deb Kelly

Motion made by Tom Crosby to re-elect/ elect officers and board members as read. 2nd by Dave Catania, all in favor, yes
 Motion passed.

Appoint Sergeant of Arms by President: New President to appoint. Tom Crosby is the preceding Sergeant of Arms –President appoints Tom Crosby

Appoint Parliamentarian: New President to appoint Parliamentarian. Tom Crosby is the preceding Parliamentarian –President appoints Tom Crosby

Thank you all for your interest in our channel. We have a wonderful area to enjoy and share with other visitors –Let’s work to keep our dunes and barrier beach intact and the channel where it is now. Please pass along any information shared today to anyone and everyone. 

President made motion to adjourn meeting
2nd Tom Crosby, all in favor. Motion passed 
Meeting adjourned at 11:24