Board Meeting
May 3, 2009
Sandy Creek Town Hall

Meeting called to order at  10:15 AM

Roll call of Officers: President____X_  Cathy Goodnough
      Vice Pres.____X_ Greg Breslin
      Secretary_____X_ Ted Reiter
Board Members   ____X___Bonnie Reid
  ____X___Bob Rezak
           ____X___Margaret Kastler
           ________Mike Brennan
           ____X___Ray Pickering
  ____X___John Shook
  ____X___¬¬¬¬ Pete Backus
  ____X___Dave Catania

Do we have a Quorum?         Yes  

Treasurers Report: Treasurer report read by Cathy Goodnough, motion made by Ray Pickering to accept Treasurers report as read; subject to audit. Motion seconded by Greg Breslin. NO discussion. Motion passed.   $20,706.03
+        36.00 Photo Sale
        +     100.00 2009 Membership
Total          $20,842.03

Membership Status to date:
2008      2007     2006      2005     2004     2003
Bronze 109        
Silver     62
Gold      39Dredged 06-07
Platinum 10
Other        4
Total     224          171      43       217         407      641

1.  Permit Status: Review letters received from the DEC and Corp of Engineers and Responses sent. 
2.  DEC Permit will need to be filed; they will need a copy of Insurance Liability from the Dredge contractor before issue of TRP permit. Need to contact Tom McCloud, for Piping plover survey 1 week before dredging.

Cranesvilles quote from last year on dredging. The association could lease the equipment for 32,000 for 2 weeks with a minimum 40 hours per week and we pay all expenses of fuel, pipe and dredge transportation, lodging for one operator and a volunteer to operate equipment.  We transport piping and dredge to work site, and bring back. Greg Breslin is checking into Maryland dredge for a Dredge to lease this year.

Waggoner’s dredging, I called and left a message 3/20/09 & 4/15/09, Ralph was to come and estimate the channel to dredge, only where needed, the last quote from them was 100,000.00 in 2004, but that was to dredge the entire channel over 2200’ long.

Bills Against the Association: D&O Policy Due June 1,000.00

Old Business:  Status of Public Launch Ramp, Chris called from the fisheries coalition 4/23 and the money is still there, it isn’t a grant, it is a settlement fund that will be used for a public launch ramp on Sandy Pond.  The money can also be used for the purchase of the property.  There is still money set aside for a launch and we are awaiting a decision from the DEC as to the location of the ramp.

1.Settlement Payment Due in August $8350.00
2.Town of Sandy Creek allotted $10,000.00 for 2009
3.Corp of Engineers stipulations, GPS reading need to be in tabular chart form, any volunteers?  The piping plover survey needs to be done one week prior to dredging.

New Business:

1.  Income Taxes to be filed for 2008 with Small Business Services- No charge   for Association, taxes are here for anyone to review.  The Attorney Generals office contacted us and we were to file a 500 CHAR form for a not for profit organization.  Small Business Services were contacted and Ted Reiter and Cathy Goodnough reviewed and signed forms.  There was a $60.00 charge for taking care of this.

2. Channel Measurement- Drawing- the North side is approximately 3’ deep but very narrow, the south side where it is marked is 4’-5’ through the channel, going into the lake is over 5’ everywhere out there.

3.Post Office Box rental went from 24.00 to 38.00 a year

4.Most local businesses called 4/30/09 when channel marked

5.NYS Parks and Recreation Marked channel, 4/30/09

6.Set date for Annual Meeting, Election of Officers and Re-election of Board Members, Sgt of Arms and Parliamentarian.  Date set for July 12th at the Sandy Creek town Hall Location-temporary location is in Lacona past the Post Office in the Samaritan Health Center.  Meeting time is 10 AM Sunday.

7.Status of the South pond Association?  Needs Survey
8.To Letter send out to the membership – review rough draft, and make any changes.  Motion made by Ted Reiter to expense money for mail our, and seconded by Bonnie Reid.  Motion Passed

Closing Comments\Adjournment

President will entertain a motion to adjourn.

Motion made to adjourn by Bonnie Reid, seconded by Ray Pickering.  Any discussion, all in favor, all opposed. Motion Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM