Sandy Pond Channel Maintenance Association- NORTH POND RESILENCY “NPR”
P.O. Box 686
Sandy Creek, NY 13145
June 25, 2019

Dear Membership, Past, Present, future and anyone concerned about our BARRIER BEACHES.

    Again, this year we have seen higher water levels thanks in part to Plan 2014. There is a petition to repeal the Plan 2014 on Senator Pattie Ritchie’s website. 2017 was an unprecedented year with massive destruction to our beaches and area businesses. This year’s record breaking water levels have once again left our recreational season almost nonexistent. The Association has monitored the channel this spring and it was marked 6/12/2019 on the south side from NYS Parks and Recreation. The north side also has an entrance to the Lake, but is not marked. During this state of emergency the speed limit on the Pond is 5 mph within a 1000’ of shorelines. NYS Park Police are monitoring speeds. 

    Our Barrier beaches have been destroyed on the North side with several major breaches into the pond, due to the extreme high water events in the past 2 of 3 years. Our Association’s purpose has always been to dredge and maintain a navigable channel for our fisheries, tourism and just plain enjoyment of the Lake that we all love. We are working with the North Pond Resiliency group to rebuild the barrier dunes.

    SPCMA dredged last fall and removed a remarkable amount of sand. We contracted the BDS Construction ( Brian Wallis). This helped rebuild the south side of the channel. The north side has been inaccessible for heavy equipment to dredge. The North Pond Resilency Group will be dredging sand with in the pond with hydraulic equipment and placing the sand in Geo tubes to stabilize the shoreline. 

There is
 $ 320,000.00 grant money with the Town of Sandy Creek for this project, which we hope starts this fall. The Town of Sandy Creek will be submitting for grant money from Governor Cuomo’s R.E.D.I program for North Pond Resiliency, of any grant money there will be a 15% amount due from the Municipality therefore we are working with the “NPR” to raise money towards this project. The donations for “NPR” will be kept separate and go toward the Barrier Beach Projects.

  The Piping plover is nesting on the South side of the spit and is marked with fencing. Please respect the boundaries of this area, and keep pets on a leash.  

  Greene Point has a boat that collects 5 cent cans; Guiles & Sons Can Redemption picks them up, with all proceeds going to the Channel Fund. We have collected over 240,728.00 cans for a total of $ 12,036.40. 
Thank you all for your donations.

  We sincerely appreciate any and all donations from the users of the Channel.  
Mechanical dredge operations cost more, but remove more sand in a less period of time! 

 Annual Meeting Date July 21st at the Sandy Creek Town Hall at 10 AM

 Board of Directors: Cathy Goodnough, Tom Crosby, Dave Catania, Margaret Kastler, Ralph Leber, Bonnie Reid, Pete Backus, Roger Morrison, Harold Golden 


Name: _____________________________________                                  _________$25 Bronze level Donor
Address:___________________________________                                    ________ $50 Silver level Donor
Phone:_____________________________________                                  _________$100 Gold Level Donor
e-mail:_____________________________________                                  _________Other Platinum 

Donations/Checks can be made to: SPCMA                                                                      2019 Stickers Available for SPCMA
                                                                  P.O. Box 686
                                                                 Sandy Creek, NY  13145

 NPR Donations are still made out 
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