Sandy Pond Channel Maintenance Association
P.O. Box 686
Sandy Creek, NY  13145

June 25, 2018

Dear Membership, Past, Present and future,

With the new Plan 2014 we have seen higher water levels this year.  Last year was an unprecedented year with massive destruction to our beaches and area businesses.  Our recreational season was almost none existent.  We are averaging 246’ for the lake level of Lake Ontario, as opposed to 248.9 from 2017.  Our association monitored the channel this spring and the water levels were too high to get equipment down to the work site on the South side.

           NYS Parks and Recreation marked the channel on the south side before Memorial Day week end this year.  There is access from the north side also, it is close to shore and unmarked, use caution.  The erosion of the North side spit has several agencies looking into rebuilding the barrier dunes.  This is very good news for all of us on the pond!  There is a group of people closely monitoring the erosion of our dunes and we are working closely with them to replenish the barrier dunes with the sand that is in between the island and the channel.  Our association will keep working with this group, as the wider and deeper the channel is it is more likely to stay in the same spot, with less erosion on the North side. 

The Piping plover is nesting on the South side of the spit and is marked with fencing. Please respect the boundaries of this area, and pets on a leash.  When the plover has left for the season, we are planning a dredge operation on the South side.

We are still looking for active members of the association and or take over a position on the board. We are still looking for a replacement for the Presidents position.  If you are interested please contact Cathy Goodnough at 315-387-3513.   Greene Point has a boat that collects cans and Guiles and Sons, Can redemption picks them up. All proceeds go to the Channel Fund. We have collected over 203,597 cans for a total of almost $ 10,200.00. Thank you all for your donations.

                   We sincerely appreciate any and all donations from the users of the Channel. 
Mechanical dredge operations cost more, but remove more sand in a less period of time!

Annual Meeting Date July 29th at the Sandy Creek Town Hall at 10 AM

Board of Directors: Cathy Goodnough, Tom Crosby, Dave Catania, Margaret Kastler, Mike Brennan, Bonnie Reid, Pete Backus, Roger Morrison, Harold Golden

Name: _____________________________________          _________$25 Bronze level Donor
Address:___________________________________            ________ $50 Silver level Donor
Phone:_____________________________________          _________$100 Gold Level Donor
e-mail:_____________________________________          _________Other Platinum

Donations/Checks can be made to:            SPCMA                       2018 Stickers Available
                                                                  P.O. Box 686
                Sandy Creek, NY  13145