Minutes of Annual Meeting
July 30, 2016
Sandy Creek Town Hall

Meeting called to order 10AM

Roll call of Officers: President  X_Cathy Goodnough
            Vice Pres._X Tom Crosby
        Secretary  X_Bonnie ReidTreasurer___ Bonnie Reid
Board Members     _____Dave Catania
           ______Roger Morrison
            __X__  Margaret Kastler
           _______Mike Brennan
           ___X___Harold Golden
   ______   Pete Backus
           _______H. Pat Ehle

Do we have a Quorum?  5    Yes

As many of you know the entire Shoreline from Rochester to the St Lawrence, Quebec and Montreal all flooded this spring.  This has widened the channel and made it very deep. The current is very strong.  The Lake was almost 3’ above normal hitting a record high and caused a State of Emergency, declared by Governor Cuomo.  There is an idle speed zone in effect for 5 mhp within 600 feet of shorelines.  Boaters violating the speed limit could be issues a ticket with fines up to $250.00.
Our barrier beaches have been devastated from the high water levels and constant wave action.
Many businesses have suffered insurmountable damages and loss of income, which will cause a trickle effect to include everyone.  Sales tax revenue, tourism income, grocery stores, ice sales, restaurants, and bars….
SPCMA sent a representative to the ELODC meeting this spring to let the organization know that there is an unlimited amounts of sand up to a million cubic yards, between the channel and the island.  This estimation is from Tom Hart and Geoffrey Steadman.  The idea must have appealed to the agencies as SPCMA was approached by Natures Conservancy to discuss the possibility of the sand being placed back on the barrier beach.  They are looking for funds to do this and hope to work under SPCMA permits.  If there is a board member that would like to work with them this year and next, as to setting up our dredge and piping, please let me know.  As many of you know our hydraulic dredge can place the sand in exact spots and work great for this project. Our system is also more time consuming and requires a lot of volunteers for the piping.  We gave Dave Klein the name of Rolf Wagoner as he has a dredge operation and we purchased our equipment from him.  At this time, I unfortunately can not organize a dredge operation, due to the extensive damage our business has suffered, due to this years flooding.

Last years dredge project final figures from Mike Kastler
Read report :Total Cost was $36,335.00 with approximately 6,000 cubic yards of sand removed and placed back on the barrier beach.  This project was funded with the waterways navigation budget set in the Town of Sandy Creek. Dredge dates August 1st through August 16th.
The Town workers worked a total of 10 days and 96 hours and hauled 400 dump truck loads.  The Town contracted with Bob Coffin to do the work.

We are also working with Shawn Doyle in regards to Oswego County maintaining a dredge project for Oswego County.

Inlet Channel Dredging Seasonal Considerations for Fall and Spring of 2017 Motion made by Dave Catania to dredge this year and 2nd by Margaret Kastler, all in favor. Motion passed.
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Membership in Attendance: NONE

Piping needs to be moved from the beach site – the beach dunes where we have stored the piping for the last few years has been eroded so badly that the piping is hanging over the edge quite a ways.  Plan work afternoon.  Set date, line up helpers.

Dredge for sale – We have $ 84,070.00 invested in the piping and dredge itself.  We can list the dredge for sale in the Boats and Harbor newspaper.  Vote to sell dredge for $70,000.00 or Best Offer, the new owners will be responsible for removing the piping at the beach and hauling all equipment away. Motion made by Dave Catania and 2nd by Tom Crosby. All in favor. Yes Motion passed.  Need approval to advertise in Harbor Magazine, over $140.00.  Motion to extend another year before sale made by Harold Golden, seconded by Tom Crosby. All in favor. Motion passed

The Association now has $ 52,203.15  plus 694.85 to be processed
The Town of Sandy Creek has $20,000.00, set aside in the budget.  We will need to use this money this year or lose it.  We currently have roughly 15,000.00 in the Town’s budget, as some money was used to purchase a floating dock at the Town’s Wigwam access, when the water was high this spring.

Treasurers report: read by Cathy Goodnough, Motion made by Tom Crosby, to accept report as read, seconded by Bonnie Reid. All in favor, motion passed.

2016  P & L Statements
Corporate taxes are here for your review: also corporate book and checkbook are open for any inspection.

Bills against Association this year:

1.Greene Point Marina Website maintenance ½ of 479.99 for 15-16 year  240.00 Motion made by Harold Golden to reimburse Greene Point $ 240.00, 2nd by Pete Backus, all in favor. Motion passed- never paid

Estimated Expenses for next year:
1. Mass Mail out
2.Post Office box renewal
3.Liability Insurance, D & O, Physical Insurance

Permit Status:

Town of Sandy Creek Contract signed July 12,2016

DEC Permits approved through May 21, 2023 with a minimal of 30 day advanced notice.

Corp of Engineers Status: 5 year permit _ July14, 2018 This permit needs to be fully submitted again when it expires. Roger Morrison is filling out the new permit.  We asked the Corp for an extension, but were denied.  Roger Morrison has completed the Corps permit paperwork and it was mailed to the Corps of Engineers.

DOS- Stipulations-GPS readings and tabular forms submitted to the DOS. We have not done GPS readings this year as the plover was here early spring.

NYS Parks- permit filed with location of sand placement

Dissolving a 501C3 – review discuss options- The Natures Conservancy is a 501C3 and all of our assets could be turned over to them if our association ever dissolves.  If they were to remove the large mass of sand between the island and the channel, the channel has a better chance of staying open.

Pat Ehle has declined to be a Board Member for the Association

Election\ Re-election of Officers:

President:  Cathleen Goodnough
Vice Pres:  Tom Crosby
Secretary:   Bonnie Reid
Treasurer:   Bonnie Reid

Board of Directors:Margaret Kastler, Mike Brennan, Pete Backus,  Bonnie Reid, Roger Morrison, Harold Golden and Dave Catania.
Motion made by Bonnie Reid to re elect officers and board members as read. 2nd by Harold Golden, all in favor. Motion passed

Appoint Sergeant of Arms by President: New President to appoint. Tom Crosby is the preceding Sergeant of Arms –President appoints Tom Crosby

Appoint Parliamentarian: New President to appoint Parliamentarian. Tom Crosby is the preceding Parliamentarian –President appoints Tom Crosby

Thank you all for your interest in our channel.

President will entertain a motion to adjourn.

Motion made to adjourn meeting by Bonnie Reid,2nd Margaret Kastler, all in favor. Motion passed
Meeting adjourned at 11 AM