Details on the Dredging - 8/1/07
We will be dredging the south side of the channel to make the opening 40 feet wide by 8 feet deep, which is allowed by our permit.  We have hired Cranesville to help us again this year.  They have agreed to do it for a flat rate of $22,000.00. Which is beneficial to the association in that we have a flat rate instead of an hourly rate.  We are happy to announce that the Town of Sandy Creek has given us the full $10,000 this year to help with the cost. 

Please use caution around the dredging areas and slow down.  We are planning on using 2 work boats to take the piping out to the beach for assembly.  Instead of assembling them on shore and towing them out.  We are attempting to obtain more signs this year to let other boaters in the area know.  We are also asking for any volunteers to help with this process to contact Cathy at 315.387.3513.  She will be coordinating all the volunteers.  We are also looking for mega phones so we can warn any boat traffic in the area.

We want to send out a big THANK YOU to Bud Reiter or Reiter's Marina for your generous donation.  We also want to send a big THANK YOU to Tom McLeod for doing all the GPS Readings for the "Channel Spoil Monitoring and Plover Survey", without which we would not be able to dredge.  Thanks Tom for paying for it too...

In order to pay the balance on this project we need donations, please send them to the SPCMA - The Sandy Pond Channel Maintenance Association, P.O. Box 686, Sandy Creek, NY  13145

Stay tuned  - we are also planning a FUN FUNDRAISER - details coming soon.

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7/24/07 - Ths Just in!!!

Cranesville has just brought the Piping to Greene Point Marina and as I type this the 2nd load is on its way out to the beach. They were delayed due to a technical problem with the dredge.  We took measurements last night - Click Here to view them. 

ATTN: ALL BOATERS - For your Safety and the Safety of your Lower Unit - please go slow and stay to the Red Side of the Channel Markers. 
The Dredging Process has begun as of Today - 8/1/07 - Please make sure you use caution when entering the Channel.  Please make sure your lower unit is up as you pass through the dredging area, since we sunk the pipes across it in order to be more efficient at moving the sand.  Please go slow at all times thru this area.  - Thanks!!!