The SPCMA - Update September  11, 2007
Another boating season is coming to an end.  According to the history of the channel, the last time the water level was so low was in 1926.  We put up a good fight this year.  We moved approximately 8,000 cubic yards of sand from the channel. 

Unfortunately, Cranesville Aggregate, the company we hire to do the dredging, experienced unforeseen problems with their equipment which caused a delay in the start of the dredging.  Once out there they experienced more problems with their equipment. Finally ending with a seized bearing which completely shut down the operation. 

Mother Nature was not on our side either by giving us those 3 to 4 days of East winds which blew the water out of the pond and no rain to speak of.  Maybe she will be nicer to us this winter.

The other aspect is the International Joint Service Commission, they let out too much water into the shipping channels.  The other agency involved is the International Water Levels Coalition.  We urge you to visit their sites and speak your mind.  Tell them about the economic impact that low water levels have on our area and how it affects our personal residences too.  It's time to let them know.  We have contacted Senator Wright's Office as well as other public offices to let them know our plight.  If you can, we urge you to attend the public hearings on the water issue.  The more attention we can draw to ourselves the more help we can hope to obtain from government entities.  The Town of Sandy Creek gave us $10,000 this year to help off set the $22,000 cost of attempting to maintain the channel.  This is a major step in the right direction. 

The permits are already in place for next year.  We hope to begin dredging again in the beginning of July.  Cranesville had promised to have the dredging equipment on site by the first day the permits allow us to begin. 

We also want to thank all the volunteers for their time & efforts & donations.  This cannot get done with out you. 


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