The third meeting of the SPCMA was held on Thursday, February 13, 2003 at The Sandy Creek Town Hall.
We have been waiting for a copy of the minutes and have not received one as of yet, therefore, here is a copy of the Agenda of that meeting:

Old Business:

In a meeting with Nature's Conservancy this past Monday, reviewing the best possible placement of the sand.  The outcome was ultimately the best place would be Sandy Island Beach.  If any sand is moved north, eventually it will fill back into the pond.  The farthest point to get the sand to is past the walk way between the beach and the lake.  Approx. 3000'?  The equipment to look for would be an electronic dredger, operating from the water alone and piping the sand south either out in the water or on the beach, never touching the beach around the channel.  The county does not have any funding for this project this year and could possibly be written in the for next year.

Thank you Denise Snyder at Eastern Copy Products, her company donated 2200 letters front and back, pre-folded and 500 copies of donation sheets for us to put around area businesses.

Bud Reiter took a poster and donation sheets to the Boat Show in Syracuse.

Our Non Profit Status and name has been accepted and filed, Thanks to David Russell's Law Firm in Central Square.  Thank You for the referral Heidi Goonough.  Mike Carns has donated the $300.00 filling fees for our Association to get us off to a great start.  Chris Noel has filed for our Tax ID# and it is official.  We are able to accept checks made out to the SPCMA.  Our checking account is with Oswego County National Bank, Pulaski.

Treasurer's Report:
Checking Account Balance:  $1,556.75
Total Donations to Date:  $1,798.00
Thank you Chris for keeping updated info on web site.
There are 656 hits to date.

Secretary's Report - Mike Goldch

Fund Raising Report: Cheryl Yerdon

Possible Arial view postcards this summer and sell at area stores.

List of Grants: Ed Norcross

Permit Committee - Tony Senzarino
Dredge America - Check out and Gorick Construction in Binghamton

Equipment Committee:  Add Brian Goodnough

Mike Pastuf:  Is compiling letters to Senators, Legislators and anyone that could support our efforts.

Jay Freemen with Sandy Creek Fire Dept. is drafting a letter for us, they have their rescue boat that needs access.  Anyone else we coiuld think of, let Mike know.  The more letters the better.

New Business:

Updated information on contact list:

Vote on Membership-Reasonable Dues?

Label Sticker Status - vote Stickers donated by Syracuse Label Co. given to $25.00 donors.  Order new stickers Approximately 2000 for $200.00 for gold members.  We receive most $100.00 gold level donations.

Publis Access - We would have more state and federal funding How to go about this, where could one be put.

Mass Mail Out - Importance of getting all the names we have compiled into a database and printed out on lables for upcomming year.  we don't want to inconvenience anyone with a double mailing, and we would cut expenses so that the majority of the funds raised actually went to equipment or dredging.  There has been about 200 letters sent out to date.  If everyone could compile a list of names and addresses of their customers and return to Heidi Goodnough we would appreciate it.  Plus if we do membership, it will already be on file for next year's mail out.  If you mailed out to your customers yourselves, thank you, but we still need a list.

Volunteers needed to draft letter of importance to all businesses, how much sales tax revenue would go done if channel isn't open.  Personally visit businesses.

Marketing Analysis from SUNY Oswego, Business Dept. MBA Program - would show how much comes into this area, Any volunteers to undertake this project?

Lake Ontario Dredging Plan may take up to 2 years to implement.  In the meantime general vote:  Hire company to dredge, look for our own equipment?

Next Meeting: In month or so, with Senators and Politicians? Our season will start up here quickly.  Possible places for meetings:  Sandy Creek Fire Hall, Holiday Corners Restaurant. Sandy Pond Sportsmen's Club, Town Hall Sandy Creek.

The Sandy Pond Channel (Maintenance)
P.O. Box 686Sandy Creek, NY
315-387-2565,  387-3513

General Meeting 
Mtg 20033     FEB 13, 2003,  7 ~ 9PM

Presiding:  Cathy Goodnough
Attending-  21 members including:
Directors/ Officers:  Chris Noel, Mike Goldych, Ed Norcross, Bob Rezak, Margaret Kastler  Fundraising Committee Members: Cheryl Yeardon, Heidi Goodnough, Allison Dillabough, and Mary Bryne

President's Report -  Cathy Goodnough,  see her agenda, remarks  attached
Including Meeting with Nature conservancy representatives
Eastern Copy Products donated 2200 solicitation/ membership invitation letters (letter attached)
200 letters mailed to date
Bumper stickers  need distinguishing icon for > $100 donations, "Gold Level" 
Cost $ 165.00 to rent a booth at the Oswego County Fair
Cathy, Tony Senzorenno to meet with dredging firm "Wagner" of Alexandria Bay

Ed Norcross described general discussion with an engineering firm "Dunden, Barton, and Loquidice" (spelling)

Mike Goldych presented draft by-laws sections on purpose, membership, for information

Fourth General meeting is scheduled for   MARCH 9, 2003.

Fifth meeting is tentatively scheduled for  APRIL 6, 2003.
Sixth meeting is tentatively scheduled for  MAY 4, 2003

Meeting Adjourned ~ 9:15 PM