Sandy Pond Sportsman's Club
June 12th 6:30 PM
General Meeting

Thank you all for your interest and support of our association. We will not be conducting official business tonight. Several of our Board Members could not be here, because of the meeting in Oswego, for the closing of Sandy Island Beach. It would be a shame for this area, if we lost this valuable asset. They are discussing doing just that. Please write to our County Legislators Chairperson Morris Sorbello in support of keeping the beach open.  We do have lots of information to share with you and we hope to get some of your input, suggestions and ideals.

Treasurer's Report: $ 37,070.80        #575 members to date
               # Gold 185 # Silver 161 # Bronze 210 # Platinum 19                                                  
Fundraising Report: Cheryl Y** Cheryl reported on the upcoming events for us. The booth at the Oswego County Fair. Any Volunteers can reach her at 387-5140 to help out with our informational booth. Several people volunteered.  Two Locals artist have donated items, one is a beautiful watercolor print, by Pat Tanner and the other an amazing Photo by Mike Hazard of a sunset on Sandy Pond and lightning hitting at the same time. The raffle tickets for these items were made up by Marjorie Yerdon and they sell for $1.00 each. If you would like to get tickets or sell them for the association, contact Cheryl. The drawing for the prints is to be held Labor Day weekend.

Other ideals brought up for possible fundraisers in the future.  Bob Tackney suggested raffling off a 32' section of Alum dock from Lifetime Docks.  We could purchase the section of dock at cost and raffle off over next year.
Paul Bourbor- Has contacted us in regards to having a sale of t-shirts and or hats- Specific design or layout is undetermined.

Calendars- we are looking into possibly having a calendar made up of Sunsets on Lake Ontario, Sandy Pond, Several people have donated their photos, Mr. Herbs, John Wooden, Mr Seeber from Montana.  If you have any photos that you think are special, please let us know.   Dave Dillabough has offered to check into cost of  calendars. ** Mention of holding a raffle for numbered calendars- Lottery style once a month for prize and or money to the holder of that number drawn that month. 

Permit Status:  Our permit has been filed and Corp of engineers is currently reviewing it for a ten year working permit.

Equipment Status: Brian G., Mike P, Tony S went to look at a Dredger and we are currently looking into several different leads. Mike Pastuf has drafted letters to several dredging companies for more information on new equipment.

Grant Status: Gina Taro, has filed at least ten grants, unfortunately several have come back supporting our cause, but unable to grant money at this time. We will keep trying. ** Currently checking into other places to submit grants for saving our channel.

New Business:

We would like to thank the Friends of Sandy Pond Beach for donating 4 Stainless Steel signs and 6 SS posts that you will see entering the channel. They state  "NO WAKE" and "5 MPH".  Mike Lobezzeto from M & K signs donated his time and lettering for us. Ron Fisher donated his time to put these signs out at the opening of the channel.
A suggestion was made to put up a sign giving a brief summary of our association at the walkway at the beach? Mike Goldych volunteered to check into this.

Picture Sales- We pre sold 11 Photos at the May 4th Benefit. We ordered 20 and they came in this week, and are available for pick up. We have sold all 20 and are taking orders. Any person, who is interested in ordering the 16*20 photo of the North-South Pond, price is $40.00, please contact Cathy at 387-3513 or 387-2565.  The 12*18 Photo is also available cost of smaller photo is $ 32.00.  All photos are unframed.  Jeff at Bach Photo of North Syracuse has been very helpful to our association in ordering prints and setting up our Post card that we will be selling. The Picture on the Postcard is the same one on the web site. They will be distributed throughout the area this week. They will sell for $1.00 each.

Next Benefit Mr. Baldjamiahs in Port Ontario is hosting a bartender competition on Sunday June 22 from noon on, it should be lots of fun to see our local bartenders battle it out for the trophy and 50% of food sales will benefit our association

June 14th The Pulaski Field days is hosting the Farm Days, Margaret Clerkin has asked if we could provide an informational booth there, from 10-2.  Yvonne Kopy volunteered to take flyers and a Poster there.

Many thanks to Chris Noel for the great write up in the Lure of the Lake June 11th Issue, and keeping the web site updated.
Lake levels: The International Lake Ontario- St Lawrence River Study is holding a public meeting, it will be Thursday, June 19th from 7-9 pm at the Wilson Volunteer Fire Co, Wilson NY, or if you can't make it visit them at

We really need volunteers to pass along information, Representatives for South Pond; we have Pat McDougal who has offered to inform people on her tract. Any other interested parties that can help get the word out of what we are all about, is appreciated.  In sadder news Mr. Charles Goman Jr, 51 of Sandy Creek, formerly of Greenwich, NY passed away May 20th, Contributions:  Sandy Pond Channel Maintenance Assoc. To date we have received 3 donations for this.  Thank You notes will be sent out.

Margaret Kastler, Town Supervisor, is checking into the possibility of us working hand in hand with the town of Sandy Creek, she will have an update for us at the next meeting.

Next Meeting: July 7th at the Sandy Pond Sportsman's Club has been set. Time 6:30. Equipment review, permit status and other business will be conducted at this time.