Minutes of General\Regular Meeting
Sandy Creek Town Hall

Meeting called to order at 10:17 AM

Opening Comments: Thank you all for being here. Since our inception in 2003, we have raised over 82,719.00: none of us knew what it would take to dredge the channel.  We first had quotes of up to 100,000.00 to dredge it one time. In our first year we focused on fundraisers and raising awareness of this enormous task we were starting to undertake, Along with filing the necessary permits and paperwork.  Many obstacles came up and have been overcome.  We are now at the stage where we will have the channel maintained for the next 3 years.  We can also look into other options, such as a safe harbor and the Cop. Of Engineers maintaining the channel.  We had never done anything like this before and have had great support from many of you who enjoy the pond and want continued access into the lake.  With out the support of local business owners, campers, landowners, residents, etc. none of this would have been possible.  We will entertain an open forum at the end of this meeting to answer any questions or concerns you may have of the direction your association is heading.

Roll call of Officers: President X Cathy Goodnough
      Vice Pres.    X Greg Breslin
      TreasurerChris Reed
Board Members   Mike Pastuf
         XBob Rezak
           John Shook
           Tom Jones
                  XMargaret Kastler
           Mike Brennan
                 XRay Pickering
  Tony Senzarino
Do we have a Quorum?      YES   No

Membership Status
Bronze 85
Silver   55
Gold    45
Platinum  3
Total Members 188

Reading of Minutes: Minutes from last months regular meeting were read. Secretary inquired 3 times if there were any corrections, additions or deletions to the minutes. No corrections, additions or deletions were presented. Bob Rezak made a motion that minutes be accepted as read. Motion seconded by Ray Pickering. Motion approved and passed.
Treasurers Report: Treasurer report read by all, Motion made by Greg Breslin to accept Treasurers report as read, subject to audit. Motion seconded by Ray Pickering, NO discussion. Motion passed.

Channel Update: Parks and Recreation Crew have marked the channel entrance. The entrance is at the South side this year, where the shallowest water marked in May was 4’ deep.

Permit Dates: We can dredge beginning July 15th as per our permit. The reason for the date is that is the end of nesting and spawning season and our first allowable time to dredge.
Our permit dates are good through:  
Corp of Engineers Exp. 11/26/06
DEC- to allow us to run piping along shore Exp.3/15/06
DEC- to allow us to run along shoreline       Exp. 3/15/0

Officer Elections and Re elections of Board Members tabled until the next meeting.

Parliamentarian and Sergeant of Arms appointed by President for upcoming year: Mike Pastuf

Bills against the association: Renewal of Directors and Officers Policy, Due in June. Greg Breslin made a motion to approve spending (est. $1,000.00) on Insurance Policy, seconded by Ray Pickering, all in favor. Motion passed

Old Business: Contract with Town of Sandy Creek, awaiting final copy from Town, to have Attorney approve. There will be around 4,000.00 left in the Town fund for the Channel.

Approval of Board Members to expend the cost of 10 more 16*20 Channel photos, from Bach Photo in Central Square.

New Business: Regrettably accepted John Shooks' resignation as a Board Member.  Motion to drop number of Board members from 8 to 7, made by Greg Breslin and seconded by Ray Pickering. All in favor. Motion passed

Bob Rezak suggested that maybe the Director’s and Officers Policy could be reduced by the number of Board Members.

Open Forum: Lengthy discussion of what is would take to have Sandy Pond designated as a Safe Harbor.  Eventually having the Corp of Engineers maintaining the Channel.  Goals set to check on Launch ramp at Sandy Island Beach State Park.  Send out an updated letter to: Hillary Clinton and John McHugh, for future support in designating safe harbor.

Communications: NONE

Committee Reports: NONE

Announcements: Tom Baxter of Small Business in Pulaski donated his time to file the 2004 Corporations Taxes.

Closing Comments\Adjournment

Next General Meeting will be on Sunday July 10,2005, at
The Town Hall in Sandy Creek at 10 AM.

President will entertain a motion to adjourn.

Motion made to adjourn by Greg Breslin, seconded by Ray Pickering. Any discussion, all in favor, all opposed. Motion Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 AM.