The Sandy Pond Channel (Maintenance)
P.O. Box 686 Sandy Creek, NY
315-387-2565,  387-3513

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Bd-20032     MAR 09, 2003,  12-1 PM     Attachment: By-Laws, pages 2-5

Presiding:  Cathy Goodnough, President
Attending:  Greg Breslin, V. Pres.; Chris Noel, Treasurer; Mike Goldych, Secretary;  Directors: Tom Jones,
       Mike Pastuf, Burt Goodnough;  Permit Committee: Tony Senzarino, Dianne Senzarino,

President's Report: 700 solicitation letters sent = > $ 10,000 received to date
578 letters to go out week of Mar 10, 2003, postage donated by the Sandy Pond Sportmen Association
-Have filed for status as a 501. 3.C not-for-profit corporation
Membership Donations:   [Bronze (Cu/Sn)] $ 25.00    40 donors to date
     [Silver (Ag)]        $ 50.00    34 donors to date
     [Gold (Au)]        $ 100.00    49 donors to date
     [Platinum (Pt)] >$ 200.00     05 donors to date
Bd-2003-2.1 Motion to Adopt Mission Statement from Home Web Page.  Moved - M. Pastuf, 2nd -C. Noel
  Motion to Amend to Include Section 1.0 of Bylaws "Purpose".Moved- M. Goldych, 2nd -T. Jones
  Motion as Amended adopted by acclamation.  APPROVED.

Mission Statement: "The Sandy Pond Channel Maintenance Association (is) a newly formed organization that cares about the Sandy Pond Channel to Lake Ontario.  Over the past few years the Channel has undergone many changes.  These changes were created by Mother Nature.  She is filling in our pond.  Therefore in order to maintain this valuable natural resource a group of concerned business owners and citizens has been formed.  We are a volunteer organization that needs your support.  If you care about the Channel please join us!!!  Support us in our quest to SAVE THE SANDY POND CHANNEL!!!
The purposes of the SANDY POND CHANNEL MAINTENANCE ASSOCIATION are to:  1) assure the safe and unimpeded transit of recreational vessels between Lake Ontario and Sandy Pond; 2) cooperate with Government agencies and Not-for-Profit Organizations regarding improvements to, and preservation of, Sandy Pond and its associated geography and wildlife;  3) cooperate with said agencies and organizations to promote public access and use of the area;  and 4) support the coordination of efforts to promote a vibrant aquatic-based local economy."

Bd-2003-2.2Motion to Adopt By-Laws as submitted:  Moved- M. Pastuf, 2nd  T. Senzorino
Motion to Amend section 1.0, "Purpose" by substitution of "support the" for "advocate"
  Moved  T. Jones,  2nd- G. Breslin;  Accepted as Editorial Amendment to main motion.
Discussion: M. Goldych urged Tabling until next meeting to allow further consideration
By-Laws as Amended adopted by unanimous vote.  APPROVED. By-Laws Attached pp 2-5.

Board of Directors Meeting Adjourned.

General Meeting Convened at ~ 1 PM



The purposes of the SANDY POND CHANNEL MAINTENANCE ASSOCIATION are to:  1) assure the safe and unimpeded transit of recreational vessels between Lake Ontario and Sandy Pond; 2) cooperate with Government agencies and Not-for-Profit Organizations regarding improvements to, and preservation of, Sandy Pond and its associated geography and wildlife;  3) cooperate with said agencies and organizations to promote public access and use of the area;  and 4) support the coordination of efforts to promote a vibrant aquatic-based local economy.


Membership in the SANDY POND CHANNEL MAINTENANCE ASSOCIATION (SPCMA) shall be open to those who have made recognized contributions to, or on behalf of the organization, in the Calendar year previous to the Annual meeting.  The Board of Directors shall establish rules governing the documentation and recognition of contributions, monetary and otherwise, to the organization.


The SPCMA shall hold an annual meeting of the organization in the first quarter of each year beginning in 2004.  This meeting will be open to all members.  Officers and Directors of the organization will be elected at the Annual Meetings in accord with the terms of service specified herein. Notice of the Annual Meeting shall be made by the President or her designee to all members at least 30 calendar days prior to the Annual Meeting.  Public notice of the Annual Meeting shall also be made at least 30 calendar days prior to the meeting.  Sufficient Notice will be met by a specific posting on the organization's official website.


The SPCMA shall be governed between Annual meetings by a Board of Directors including its Officers and eight (8) Directors elected at-large from the organization's membership.  The term of office for four original Directors will end at the 2004 Annual Meeting,  while the term of office for the remaining four original Directors will end at the 2005 Annual Meeting.  At each Annual Meeting beginning in 2004, four (4) directors will be elected to a two year term of office.


The organization shall have four (4) Officers elected by membership at the Annual meeting in each odd-numbered year beginning in 2005.  The officers will be a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.

Operating authority and organizational representation shall be vested in the President.  The President shall be chair of the Board of Directors.  The President shall annually appoint a member to serve as parliamentarian for General Meetings.

In the case of a vacancy in the Office of President, the Vice President shall become the President.  The Vice President shall handle those responsibilities specifically delegated to him/her by the President. 

BD-2003-2.2,  p. 3 of 5  
The Treasurer shall be the chief fiduciary officer of the organization and Chair the Audit Committee.

The Secretary shall record the actions taken by the members at the Annual Meeting, and the Directors at their meetings throughout the year.


A total of eight (8) officers and directors shall constitute a quorum of the Board of Directors.

Actions of the Board of Directors will become effective when passed by a majority of those officers and directors present. 

The President may vote on any item before the Board of Directors.  The President shall appoint one of the Board to serve as Parliamentarian at its meetings.

When specifically authorized in writing by the President to the Secretary, the Vice President may chair the Board of Directors meeting.

Meetings of the Board of Directors will be conducted in accord with Roberts Rules of Order as amended by specific rules established by action of the Board of Directors.

A "roll call" vote will be recorded on any action of the Board of Directors if approved by a majority vote of the Directors present.

The Board of Directors may establish organization policies and operating rules as necessary including, but not limited to, designation of official publications or websites, designation of the organization's official banking establishments, designation of the organization's legal representatives and financial auditors, methods of authorization to purchase equipment and services, methods of financial disbursement review by the organization, procedures for nominating successor directors, procedures for filling Director vacancies, procedures for developing and adopting an annual budget, qualifications for membership, categories of membership as may be necessary, and procedures for conferring membership on those individuals recognized for their contributions and efforts on behalf of the organization.

The Board of Directors may act as a "committee of the whole," or designate several of its members to serve as the Audit Committee.  The Audit Committee shall review the organizations financial transactions and projections at least semi-annually.

The Board of Directors may consider the establishment of, and methods to accomplish and tally, proxy voting by the general membership at the Annual Meeting.

Policies, rules, and procedures established by the Board of Directors will be available to any member by request to the Secretary, or by "posting" to the website at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meetings will include as a minimum, actions taken by the Board,  appointments made by the President, and abbreviated Committee Reports.  These minutes will be available to the General Membership in a manner determined by the Board of Directors.

BD-2003-2.2,  p. 4 of 5  

The President will appoint the chairs of all ad-hoc committees.  The President will appoint the Chairs of the Standing Committees in consultation with the Board of Directors.


There shall be three (3) Standing Committees.  The Fund-raising Committee, the Permit Committee, and the Equipment Committee.


The Fund-Raising Committee will develop plans, and conduct activities to raise revenues for the organization.  Public Fund-Raising activities and solicitations must be approved by the President and the conduct thereof reported to the Board of Directors at the earliest convenient meeting following approval.


The Permit Committee will research requirements and prepare applications for necessary Governmental Permits to further the purposes of the organization.  The Permit Committee may meet with Government representatives only on the expressed approval of the President.  Any Permit Application must be signed by the President and reported to the Directors at their next meeting.


The Equipment Committee will research project requirements, equipment specifications, equipment operability and controls, and equipment availability.  This committee will prepare specifications as necessary for specific equipment and advise the President and the Board of Directors regarding equipment needs and suitability. The Equipment Committee may meet with Retail and Manufacturing  representatives only on the expressed approval of the President.  Any Equipment Purchase, Purchase Offer, or Bid for an amount greater than $ 100.00, 05% of the approved Annual Budget, or 05 % of the organization's unencumbered funds, whichever is the greatest, must be signed by the President and reported to the Directors at their next meeting.


The General Membership at any meeting, the Board of Directors at any meeting, or the President at her discretion, may establish ad-hoc committees of any size to consider and develop plans for any issues other than those appropriately designated within the jurisdiction of the Standing Committees or the Board of Directors.



Changes to these By-Laws may be made at the Annual meeting, provided the maker of the motion to change advises the general membership of the proposed changes, by at least posting the proposed changes on the organization's website 15 calendar days prior to the Annual meeting.  Editorial and procedural amendments to the proposed changes may be considered at the Annual Meeting provided  they are ruled relevant by the President in accord with Roberts Rules of Order.  Changes thus considered must be approved by a majority of those present and voting.
BD-2003-2.2,  p. 5 of 5  

Changes to these By-Laws may be made by a majority vote of the Board of Directors provided the  Change has been approved for the agenda by a majority vote at a meeting of the general membership or the Board of Directors at least 14 calendar days previous.

An immediate change to these By-Laws may be made upon approval by 75% of those Directors present at any Board of Directors meeting.  Reconsideration of the Approval of an Immediate Change must be the first item of business at the next general membership meeting or Board of Directors meeting, whichever occurs first.


These By-Laws may be initially adopted at either a general membership meeting or a Board of Directors Meeting  provided at least 75% of the Officers and Directors are present.

Date of Approval:_  MAR 09, 2003__ (   ) by General Membership 
                                                                           ( X ) by Board of Directors

President:__Cathy Goodnough_________Secretary:_Michael Goldych

Agenda                     3/9/03

Welcome everyone,
We would like to thank everyone for taking an active
role in this association, we hope to improve not only
our recreational area and maintain the beauty of the
pond, but allow many other people to come back into our
area.   Several people have been working on different
Committees, gathering information for our permit,
checking into equipment and possible ways to come up
with the donations we need to keep our channel open. We
will have an open forum after we conclude old and new

Omit reading of Previous Minutes- Vote

Old Business:
1. Status on Permit- Tony S.  Input-Need for Emergency
request to be put on our
Request. Date it can be filed? What other info is
needed and who can help
Letters of Support have been sent out. We have one from
the Fire hall in Sandy Creek.  * None received from
letters sent to Politicians, yet.

2. Status on Equipment- Brian G. Meeting with
Waggoner's Dredging outfit
Input information received Possibility of building our
own, information from
Rex Allen, Stan Groman , and explore different
companies that sell equipment. Best Equipment to look
for. Input notes from  Waggoners. Approx. cost 10.00
per cubic foot removed. Estimated 12,000 cubic feet to
be removed. Could dredge in July.
New Dredging way, with Sea bags, Large stockings that
hold the sand and would allow us to put the sand back
into the water at any given time. How would it affect
the shoreline? * Brian Goodnough will keep checking
into equipment available to us.

3. Need Committee: to put Bids out to dredging
companies. With approx.                          
Cubic feet. 1999 bid put in spoils can be put 1,000'
north or south of channel.
Requested copy of old bid from Engineering Firm. * Mike
Pastuf will look into this.
4. Vote on Sticker from Syracuse Label. Two to choose
from. Billy Ridgeway
Will  be checking into how many will be donated and
what our cost will be if
we purchase the other 3 levels. It is looking like we
will have 4 levels, take vote- Submit to company to
start making labels. * Contacted Billy Ridgeway,
sticker will be 3*5, with different levels printed in
the left hand corner in black print. Trying to get all
donated to us.

5. Mass mail out. We have mailed out over 700 so far,
with only 20 coming back
For forwarding address or NLT.  We still have over 1500
names on our Property owners list to go out. Again, we
thank all the businesses that are incurring the cost of
the mail out themselves.  We will have double mailing
until we get our database together.  Next year should
go smoother.  * Heidi Goodnough and Mary Byrne are
currently working on the next mail out. Chris Noel from
the Sportsman's Club mailed out over 550 with the Club
paying for the postage. Thanks.

6. Bylaws: Mike Goldych * Copy of the Bylaws will be
attached to the website.

7. Treasurers Report: Chris N.  Corporate Seal * Over
11,000 to date in donations. Thanks everyone for your

8. Mission Statement for us, include it on the website.
* Will be added to website.

9. Status of Insurance: Spoke with Paul Holiday at
Agency Specialists in Pulaski, We will need a D & O
policy for the board members,  Plus we will need to
vote in someone to look into a Commercial General
Liability Policy, Equipment Policy. Possibility to
Belong to National Association to work under their
policy. Ex. National Dredging Outfit.* Mike Pastuf is
checking into this.

10. Fundraising Committee: Cheryl Y. Need volunteers,
so many places have offered to put up posters, or have
donation sheets there, Sign up sheet is up front, any
volunteers would be appreciated. Benefit at Corners,
Car from Fucillos, 50-50 raffle at benefits? Check into
postcards for area. * Benefit set for May 4th, at
Holiday Corners. Details to follow. Contact Cheryl
Yerdon at 387-5140.

11. Letters to area businesses: Mike Pastuf.  Chris
Reed has offered to volunteer to visit area Businesses,
personal visit and separate letter is better than form
letter. Stressing the loss of income and sales tax
revenue in this area if pond closed off.

12. Lake Ontario Dune Coalition , Spoke with Mr.
DeHolender who chairs the committee.  We all have the
same goal. Keep the channel open and maintain the
natural area.

    13.         Grants: Ed Norcross * Not available
for meeting. Grant paperwork submitted 
                   Yvonne Kopy for Great Lakes Aquatic
Habitat Network and Fund.

New Business:

1. Meeting at Nature's Conservancy, with the Dan
Sawchuck from the DEC and
Doug Thompson from Natures Conservancy. Will be
supplied a list of their thoughts and ideals.

2. Meeting with Cornell University student that will be
speaking to one of his
Professors, to see if we can get a work study done
through their University. A economical impact study is
approx. 20,000.00. That would ultimately be the best
way to show how much income has been lost to this area
over the past 15-20 years. However, we cant do that
now, but, if we could have an Area Study that could
help us out.
3. Grant  Paperwork , submitted by Yvonne Kopy.

4. Town of Ellisburg, zoning officer, Cindy Shaw- Form
of a letter of support for               
5. Many people have mentioned also dredging the north
and south pond channel,         
These avenues can be explored, once we get our
equipment and insurance in line. We have to decide
which is the best way to go. Buy , Lease Hire out?

If for some reason, you have not been notified by us
and would like to help get the word out. Contact Cathy
at 387-3513 or email: We will
gladly send you the form via email.  This is a great
way to keep people updated. Our newspaper articles will
be going out to 5 area papers, any way else we can get
the word out?