SPCMA Board Meeting Agenda
6:30 PM
Sandy Creek Town Hall

Treasurer's Report: Cathy G, Chris Reed voted in as Treasurer
602 Members to date- $ 42,258.31 Total Contributions
Frank Dragotta's- Accounting Monthly Profit and Loss Statement
16*20 Photo's- 40 ordered and 36 Pre-sold at $40.00
12*18 Photo's -10 ordered and 3 Pre-sold at $32.00
Postcard Sales  800 distributed in area and stores, $475.00 taken in

Fundraiser's Report:  New Ideas-Possibility of bands and Chicken BBQ are set for Labor
Day weekend and Mid September, Early Halloween Party,
Auction and Raffle of Pictures donated by Local Artists.
Mass Mail out of Bulk Mail-Possibly check into during rural
Mail out of Flyer.

Permit Status: Tony S. Review of both Permits submitted, updated information
            Corp of Engineers Permit is on Public Notice as of July 16th

Equipment Status:      Decision to explore new equipment
Burt Goodnough and Howard Pepper- Appointed to fly
To Orlando Fla, and check out equipment and Report at our
Next meeting. Howard Pepper is a retired Coast Guard member and very interested in helping our association, he has many qualifications and information on dredging.  This equipment has been in fresh water only and is made of stainless steel.

Old Business:

1. Resignation by Phone of Ed Norcross  Vote in New Board Member*Tony Senzorenno voted on as a Board Member
2. All Grants filed to date, have been turned down. Looking for other possible ways to raise money.
3. Letter of Thank You, Charles Goman Memory-Letters will be going out
4. Sign for Public Walkway- Flyers were recommended, Tom Jones will be checking into a flyer for us.
5. Post Standard interview, follow up this week article to be written mid July
6. Channel 9 News, is waiting to here from us, as to a good time to come and do an interview.

New Business:

1. Appoint Sergeant of Arms- Mike Pastuf was appointed Sergeant of Arms to keep order and focus at our meetings.
2. New Study by Soil and Water, Sea Grant and Nature's Conservancy-involving the Channel, and the sand in the pond. Tom Jones commented that
They are taking water depths, for a study that has been long standing
3. Report from Sandy Creek-Margaret Kastler- Sign for Rte 81 Sandy Pond Recreational Area- She will look into putting them up along Rte 81 Notifying people of our area. Public Access at the Pond was discussed as to how beneficial it would be to the whole area.
4. Public Relations Person- Chris Noel volunteered to keep our progress in the public eye, via newspaper articles, she has already written great articles for Lure of the Lake for us.
5. Next Meeting Date Set for August 17th at the Town Hall at 9:30 AM- Juice, Coffee, Bagels and Donuts will be served
6.          Close of Meeting