Sandy Pond Channel Maintenance Association
P.O. Box 686
Sandy Creek, NY  13145
Wayside Inn
January 23,2005
9:30 AM

Minutes of General/ Regular Membership/Board Meeting

Members Present:
Mike Pastuf
Robert Rezak
John Shook
Ray Pickering
Mike Brennan
Cathy Goodnough

Quorum? YES

No Previous Minutes Recorded

Treasurer’s Report: 15,473.79   Read by Cathy Goodnough. Motion made by Mike Pastuf to accept Treasurers report as read; subject to audit. Motion seconded by Ray Pickering. Motion Passed. General discussion of association’s expenses for 2004, exact break down will be available for Annual Meeting March 28th at the Sandy Creek Town Hall at 1 PM.

Membership Status:
# Bronze:    169
# Silver:      102
# Gold:        106
# Platinum:  30
Chris Noel: Website Administrator- Platinum Membership for 2004.

No bills Presented against the Association

Old Business:   1:Contract with the Town of Sandy Creek- Process of being reviewed by Association’s Attorney and the Town’s Attorney.

2:Bill to Greene Point Marina East, Inc. for listing of additional insured on Insurance Policy Paid. $ 40.00

3. Post Cards Left from 2004 (449)
4.Koozies  Left from 2004     (274)

New Business:1: Dann Ridgeway sent letter to DEC for extension of Permit.
2.Resignation of Dann Ridgeway- Secretary Position Open
3.Labels for 2005 on order-
4.Membership Renewal Letter- Mike Pastuf

Communications:Letter received from Dan Briggs, with Donation for $100.00 in the memory of Donald Merritt, who had resided on Seber Shores for over 90 years. Letter of Recognition Sent.

No Committee Reports Presented

Next Meeting:  Annual Meeting March 28th 2005 at the Sandy Creek Town Hall 1PM

President will entertain a motion to adjourn.
Motion to adjourn made by Mike Pastuf, seconded by Ray Pickering. Any discussion. All in favor, all opposed. Motion Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 AM