SPCMA Board Meeting
Town Hall
Jan. 4, 2004
The President's Notes

We have had a really great year reaching over 51 K. Thanks to all that have put their time and efforts into making our association take off. We have several things to go over.

Assessment Chart: Goals we have set for ourselves
     Goals we have actually accomplished

Flyer- Work in Progress
Donation Letter for membership: Mike P.
Membership list-Work in Progress
Grants- Gina Taro, did an outstanding job of writing grants, Thanks
Calendar: Work in Progress
Photo Sales:
Raffles and Setting up Fair Exhibit
Summer Art Raffle
Taco's Basket of Cheer
Bartenders Competition Donation- Mr. B's Port Ontario
Jug Donations-Various Businesses
Auction, Band at Wayside Inn
Post Card Sales-Special Thanks to Ray
Poster to Boat Show in Syracuse
Bake Sales
Salmon River News coverage
Silent Auction
Spaghetti Dinner Holiday Corners
50/50 Raffles
Charles Goman Memorial
Lawyers volunteering their time 501c3, Robert Kopp letter to Bird Preservation
Farm Days Poster and donation sheets put out
Mike L. Sign donation for Channel
Friends of Sandy Pond Beach, SS sign donation
Brewster's Chicken BBQ
Broke down Band Benefit, with raffle of items
Mike Carns, donation of filing fee 501c3
Yard sale items
Can Return
Pampered Chief Fundraiser
Numerous articles in Oswego, Syracuse and Watertown Daily Times
Russell's Law Firm: preparing 501c3
Hancock and Esterbrook; preparing amended 501c3 (Gerald Stack)
2003 Label donation Greene Point Marina

Minutes: The minutes and the notes of our association should be posted on our web site NLT 5 business days after meeting- this is our best way to keep people informed.

Treasurer's Report: Chris R., Cathy G. Year end Accounting Frank Dragotta
+     27.00 Post card sales
                  50,807.95 Total $

List expenses: Permit for Corp of Engineers, Reimburse Trip expenses Linda Goodnough, Membership dues for Fuller Tarlton, Dollars for Scholars, in memory of Julie Ann and Daughter Jenna Marie  (Approved, by majority on emails)

Picture Status: 3 Photos left, 14 reserved 16*20
Membership Levels:   236  Bronze
  171 Silver
  202 Gold
  32 Platinum

Our 501c3 being reviewed by Gerald Stack at Hancock and Estabrook, they will be requesting a link on our web site for their services.  Also, Chris Noel has donated the annual fee for the web site maintenance. Thank you Chris
They have been given Platinum membership for their donation of time and effort

Old Business:

Renewal Letter: Mike P. Letter is being updated for send out

Permit Status: Mike G. emailed our renewal for our DEC permit

Budget Status: Earmark 10,000.00 from the town of Sandy Creek

New Business:

Board of Director resignation: letter from Burt Goodnough

Board of Directors By-laws 4 originals to be replaced which 4? Re-elections

Order 2004 Membership labels

Re submit 501c3 amended paperwork

30-day public notice

Website posted 30 days

Quorum # is too high, has to be closer to the number of people who continually make the meetings so our business can be conducted. Suggest 5

By-law Amendments- Vote in By-laws with new Quorum # 5

Annual Meeting Date set for Feb. 8th Sunday at the Town Hall 10 AM
Adjourn Meeting


Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

DATE: 4 Jan 2004

Chairman Goodnough called the meeting to order promptly at 10:00am.


1Opening comments given by Chairman Goodnough.

Roll call of officers:
CHAIRMAN__X__ (Cathy Goodnough)
VICE PRESIDENT__X__ (Greg Breslin)
SECRETARY__X__ (Mike Golddych)
TREASURER__X__ (Chris Reed)
BOARD MEMBER__X__ (Bob "Taco" Rezak)
BOARD MEMBER__X__ (Tony Senzarino)
BOARD MEMBER__X__ (Margaret Kastler)
BOARD MEMBER____ (Burt Goodnough)
BOARD MEMBER__X__ (Mike Brennan)
BOARD MEMBER_____ (Tom Jones)
BOARD MEMBER__X__ (Tom Ready)

Quorum present?  YES

The objectives of the Association are:

A. To assure the safe and unimpeded transit of recreational vessels between Lake Ontario and Sandy Pond.

B. To cooperate with Government agencies and Not-for-Profit Organizations regarding improvements to, and the preservation of Sandy Pond and it's associated geography and wildlife.

C. To cooperate with said Agencies and Organizations to promote public access and use of the area.

D. To support the coordination of efforts to promote a vibrant aquatic-based local economy.


2 The Chairman introduced: Frank Dragotta; Accountant for the Sandy Pond Channel Maintenance Association.


# Bronze:  236

# Silver: 171

# Gold: 202

# Platinum: 32

Total Members: 641


4No minutes for the previous months meeting were available due to the lack of a Quorum of members. 

5Treasurer's report was read by Chris Reed.

No bills against the Association were presented.

a. Postcard money still needs to be turned in/collected.
b. $10,000 from the Town of Sandy Creek needs to be earmarked for cost of dredging.
c. 7 Large Channel photos remain.

a. Margaret Kastler is looking into getting the dredged sand moved to Sandy    Island Beach.
b. The Association will be changing from a Type A to a Type B.
c. Chairman Goodnough presented a written resignation request from Board Member Burt Goodnough.  Discussion followed.  Motion made by Chris Reed to accept the resignation of Burt Goodnough as Board of Director member.  Seconded by Mike Pastuf.  Motion carried and resignation accepted.
d. Proposal made by Chairman Goodnough to reduce the By-Laws Quorum number to five (5) Board members present.  Motion made by Mike Pastuf to reduce Quorum number to 5 members.  Seconded by Tony Sanzarino.  Motion carried.  Quorum requirement amended to 5 members.
e. Chairman Goodnough announced that 2004 labels needed to be ordered.  Motion by Mike Pastuf to order 2004 labels.  Seconded by Tony Sanzarino.  Motion carried.
f. Mike Pastuf stated that he was working on a draft membership renewal letter for the Board's approval.

No communications were presented.

a. Permit Committee announced that the dredging permit was complete and in
the Associations possession.
b. Equipment Committee reported that the Florida dredger would be the better dredger.  Cost is $107,000 without hose and leasing the equipment was not an available option.
c. Chairman Goodnough announced that she had been contacted by several other individuals who in reference to the Association leasing a dredger for 3 years.  General discussion followed.
d. Motion made by Mike Pastuf for the Sandy Pond Channel Maintenance Association to subcontract out the dredging of the Channel.  Seconded by Tony Sanzarino.  Motion carried and approved.

a.  Reminder from Chairman Goodnough that the 4 original Board of Director positions would be coming up for election/re-election at the Annual Membership meeting in February.  Board members currently holding those positions are Bob Rezak, Mike Brennan, and Margaret Kastler.  The fourth position was vacated by Burt Goodnough with the acceptance of his letter of resignation.


12Next General Membership meeting will be Sunday, the 8th of February, 2004  at 10:00am at the Sandy Creek Town Hall.

13Meeting adjourned.

Cathy Goodnough